Beckiz: Redefining Fashion Through Leather and Fabrics

The NYSC Period is usually a defining period for many entrepreneurs because that is where they get to train and act on their passion.

It is no different for Becky Omotolani Roberts who discovered her love for items made from leather and fabric in 2015 during her service year.

Let’s hear directly from Becky:

Hi Becky Omotolani Roberts, what’s your brand name?

Beckiz Fashion

Let us have the link to your website.

Tell us about Beckiz Fashion?

We are into hand-made leather footwear, leather belts and ankara sandals, slippers, handbags and sales of other fashion items.

How did you get started?

I got my training from when I was serving as a youth corner in Uyo, Nigeria 2015/2016. After that, I moved to Lagos and launched my business.

What challenges do you currently face in your business?

Getting high quality and durable raw materials, electricity and funding.

What country do you manufacture your goods, and why?

Nigeria. I’m proudly Nigerian and I want to improve the employment rate of my country. If I can upscale my business with proper funding, I could employ more hands.


Which stakeholder do you think has the most influence in your industry? How do you think they can help?

The suppliers of raw material have the most influence in this industry.

What is the one thing you think we need to stop importing in Nigeria?

Footwear, footwear and footwear!

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started?

The right places to get my raw materials at cheaper rates

What is your advice for new entrants/entrepreneurs in your industry?

Be passionate about what you do!

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