Bringing Nature’ Best To Your Doorstep

Bringing Nature’ Best To Your Doorstep


Udoh Gift Dick saw a gap that needed to be filled in the Agriculture Industry and she wasted no time in getting into it by producing organic and affordable vegetables all year round. Sometimes, Tomatoes become very scarce but with Norina Farms, you are covered.

Hi Udoh Gift Dick, what’s your brand name?

Norina Farms

Tell us about Norina Farms.

Norina Farms produces vegetables organically year-round using mechanized systems. We help individuals consume freshly harvested organic vegetables that are affordable, accessible and available.

How did you get started?

Scarcity of vegetables led me to start growing vegetables. I discovered that vegetables become scarce/expensive during some seasons, so I decided to start producing these vegetables organically which will reduce cost of production, help me sell at affordable price year-round and also help individuals consume chemical free vegetables.

What challenges do you currently face in your business?

Security challenges! Since the farm is located in a rural area, security has been a major challenge to the growth of the farm because expanding means we have to spend money on fencing the land before use.

Logistics and poor road network is also a challenge that has affected timely delivery of vegetables.


What country do you manufacture your goods, and why?

Nigeria. I am in Nigeria because the rate of organic vegetables production is poor in Nigeria, producing organic vegetables that are free of unhealthy elements will help more individuals in Nigeria consume healthy vegetables.

Which stakeholder do you think has the most influence in your industry? How do you think they can help?

Retailers (middlemen) have the most influence in the industry. They determine the market prices of the vegetables which may lead to a loss if we sell at the open Market. Creating a vegetable farmers’ cooperative to decide prices which will be used by all members will help.

What is the one thing you think we need to stop importing in Nigeria?


What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started?

I wish I knew how to manage my resources more appropriately to reduce cost and being able to keep a clear record of sales and harvest.

What is your advice for new entrants/entrepreneurs in your industry?

Define your market before starting production, don’t see the problem alone check if your target market really sees that as a problem, don’t assume it is. Source for inputs at affordable places, the higher the cost of input is the higher your chances of making a loss will be.

Also know that some input suppliers in Nigeria have not tested or used these inputs, they only want to sell without considering if it will work for your environment or not. Check all these before buying any farm inputs.

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